Month: July 2014

Announcing new stretch goal



So we managed 22 out of the 32 beers from the competing nations in this summers world cup. We were confident going into the last week, but alas the list of phone numbers and shops to visit we had, didn’t bare fruit. We have made a lot of new friends, drank some new beers and enjoyed the football – so the challenge counts as a moral success. We’ve also been over the moon about how many people, from around the world, have visited the blog.

We’ve decided to track down the elusive beers and post them here whenever we are lucky enough to get our hands on ’em. We’ve got a trip planned to the Americas which, watch this space, will tick a few more beers off our list.


The challenge continues….


World Cup Beers Team


Beer #22 Club Colombia


Found this intense flavoured beer in Elephant and Castle, South London which has a big Colombian community. I was lucky enough to find an Ecuadorian restaurant on my investigations, but sadly they didn’t have any Ecuadorian beer in stock.


We were told by a well travelled colleague of ours that ‘Club’ is seen as bit of a posh beer in Colombia!