World Cup

Beer #17 from Russia with love



What a gem of a beer – flavoursome and crisp. There are several other Baltika beers, all with different numbers e.g. Baltika 7. This one will suffice for now. We picked this beer up from a Russian food called Kalinka, between Bayswater and Queensway tube stations. Their impressive selection of Russian beers was only beaten by their array of Vodkas.

baltika 2

Football every evening – don’t want it to end!!


Beer #16 Greek Mythos

Greek Mythos bottle


The Greeks invented this. Extra points for having a Unicorn on the label. Bagged this beauty from a lovely Greek Grocery on Moscow Road, W2 ┬ácalled Athenian. Lot’s of people have commented (not below) that this was the beer of their holiday in such and such a year, guess it all adds to the Mythos……..I’ll get my coat!


This is just to prove that I drank this today. And by the way, that’s half way through the challenge people!